Biomedical Engineering: A Field Full of Possibilities

The potential for growth in the field of biomedical engineering is robust. The rapid evolution of the field of biomedical engineering can be linked in great part to continued advances in medical technology. After all, as long as people require healthcare, there will be a need for the development of medical equipment. The advent of each new medical device illustrates the need for biomedical engineers who are trained to test, service and repair that device. And with career options expanding every day, biomedical engineering has established itself as a rapidly growing field in many countries.

Biomedical engineers are increasingly essential to the field of healthcare. In addition to being involved in the design phase of medical equipment, biomedical engineers play a vital role in the testing and approval of medical devices. Additionally, they work alongside doctors and nurses in clinics and hospitals to ensure that medical equipment is properly maintained, serviced and repaired. They may also be employed by equipment servicing companies in an ambulatory capacity, traveling to hospitals, surgery centers, and private homes to troubleshoot equipment problems and perform routine maintenance on products.

A key factor in the growth of biomedical engineering is the wide variety of jobs that are available within the field. While the majority of engineers in the field possess a bachelor’s degree or higher educational degree, people who do not possess a four year degree can often enter the field as assistants or technicians if they possess sufficient experience or if they have completed a specified course of training. And with many hospitals and device companies providing assistance with tuition, the field provides an attractive career path for entry level employees seeking to advance their careers and level of education.

Whether an individual is seeking job flexibility or the satisfaction that comes along with being a difference maker in the healthcare field, the field of biomedical engineering offers an extensive range of possibilities.Colleges, universities and trade schools have responded to the increased need for biomedical engineering services by expanding their educational programs. There are more online educational programs than ever and students are increasingly exposed to new applications within the areas of research, physiology and marketing. And students who wish to become leaders within the industry can complement their technical skills with engineering management coursework.

As the field of medicine continues to evolve, so does the field of biomedical engineering. Continued growth in the field is expected as long as medical devices and technology continues to emerge. And with the wealth of job opportunities within the field, biomedical engineering provides an excellent solution for the individual who savors the ability to work in many different capacities.


– Guest Contributor