Biomedical Engineering: A Field Full of Possibilities

The potential for growth in the field of biomedical engineering is robust. The rapid evolution of the field of biomedical engineering can be linked in great part to continued advances in medical technology. After all, as long as people require healthcare, there will be a need for the development of medical equipment. The advent of each new medical device illustrates the need for biomedical engineers who are trained to test, service and repair that device. And with career options expanding every day, biomedical engineering has established itself as a rapidly growing field in many countries.

Biomedical engineers are increasingly essential to the field of healthcare. In addition to being involved in the design phase of medical equipment, biomedical engineers play a vital role in the testing and approval of medical devices. Additionally, they work alongside doctors and nurses in clinics and hospitals to ensure that medical equipment is properly maintained, serviced and repaired. They may also be employed by equipment servicing companies in an ambulatory capacity, traveling to hospitals, surgery centers, and private homes to troubleshoot equipment problems and perform routine maintenance on products.

A key factor in the growth of biomedical engineering is the wide variety of jobs that are available within the field. While the majority of engineers in the field possess a bachelor’s degree or higher educational degree, people who do not possess a four year degree can often enter the field as assistants or technicians if they possess sufficient experience or if they have completed a specified course of training. And with many hospitals and device companies providing assistance with tuition, the field provides an attractive career path for entry level employees seeking to advance their careers and level of education.

Whether an individual is seeking job flexibility or the satisfaction that comes along with being a difference maker in the healthcare field, the field of biomedical engineering offers an extensive range of possibilities.Colleges, universities and trade schools have responded to the increased need for biomedical engineering services by expanding their educational programs. There are more online educational programs than ever and students are increasingly exposed to new applications within the areas of research, physiology and marketing. And students who wish to become leaders within the industry can complement their technical skills with engineering management coursework.

As the field of medicine continues to evolve, so does the field of biomedical engineering. Continued growth in the field is expected as long as medical devices and technology continues to emerge. And with the wealth of job opportunities within the field, biomedical engineering provides an excellent solution for the individual who savors the ability to work in many different capacities.


– Guest Contributor

Financial Advice Everyone Should Know

Financial Advice Everyone Should Know
Anybody can get their hands on money, but not everybody knows how to handle money properly — in fact, the majority of people don’t understand personal finance! Personal finance relies on a few basic budgets, which are devilishly easy to calculate.

Understand Short-Term Debt
Credit cards are a livesaver if used correctly, but only if the balances are paid off before the end of the payment period. High interest rates on credit cards rack up quickly if there is a positive balance at the period’s end, which is usually a month. Avoid accumulated interest and late fees by paying the entire balance off before the month’s end.

Save Up for an Emergency Fund
The dollar amount of an emergency fund is debated by financial professionals, but it’s a good idea to hold back at least one month’s worth of expenses. So, calculate the total of how much you spend in one calendar month — ideally a few weeks longer than one month — and save your extra money until you reach the goal. The emergency fund financially protects you against minor car troubles and other unexpected bills, two common culprits that encourage people to accumulate credit card balances and other short-term debt to stay afloat.

Eliminate Debt Strategically
We’d all love not to have debt, but the vast majority of people today are in at least three months’ salary in debt. Credit cards’, student loans’, and other payables’ cumulative interest are responsible for keeping people in debt for years longer than without cumulative interest. Many people don’t calculate for cumulative interest, though. Knock off debts with the lowest balances first, then focus on larger amounts. No interest can accumulate without principal, so once an account is brought to a null balance, no interest can come from it.

Personal finance is simple to understand as long as one is fully informed and educated of any debt or obligations. For example, many people don’t understand cumulative interest. Those who don’t understand should not get a credit card until they understand cumulative interest. Personal finance doesn’t take a genius, it only takes a reasonably informed and educated individual.

– Staff Writer

Collaboration: Why it’s Crucial for Business Success

Collaboration in the business world is more imperative than many people believe. Without proper collaboration, many routine processes become complicated, burdensome, and unproductive. Entrepreneurs create businesses that rise high in the ranks or fall from the public radar based on how well members of management and workers collaborate. Consider why collaboration is important and the benefits that it has for any business owner.

To Streamline Business Processes

Thorough collaborative efforts make it much easier to handle the ins and outs of operating a business. When employers and managers can work hand in hand in harmony, they are able to expedite all sorts of processes that can take a significant amount of time to finish alone. When one person has an overwhelming workload on their shoulders, it zaps their efficiency and can affect the quality of work they deliver. If that member of the department is bogged down and moving slower than normal, he or she can affect the advancement of everyone else. When tasks are delegated well, each individual and team is in an optimum position to be productive.

To Gain Support and Inspiration

One gift of high collaboration is the mutual support that you receive from it. Working closely with subordinates, colleagues, and business partners with an open mind and good intentions, you form an influential team that can offer encouragement and aid to one another regularly. It is proven that people can truly thrive, whether it be in business or personal life, when they have the ongoing support from others on their team. In business, such support is only an asset.

To Discover Solutions

Finding solutions to any business problem that that you may be facing is so much easier when your team works on seeking reasonable solutions together. The input of your managers and employees can provide incredible insight that you may have never even considered before. Brainstorming solutions to any type of problem that your business may be facing can be accomplished by working together, and then the most effective solutions should be implemented after they win the majority vote.

To Reach Business Goals

It is arduous and unnecessary for any business to attempt to reach lofty goals without the help of others. In fact, some business goals you may not be able to reach without getting at least a bit of help and constructive advice from someone else. Simple mathematics confirms that any project or task can be completed much more quickly with the help and inspired viewpoints of others. Outsourcing tough tasks to qualified people who have the skills to produce excellent work only saves you resources and time in the long run. Small groups of employees who collaborate well together have the ability to make waves when it comes to accomplishing goals, so it is important to encourage employees who complement one another to keep on working together.

A business owner that ignores the power of collaboration is only limiting his or her success. As two minds are always more clever than one, collaboration is the key to making great business ideas gain substance. There is something magical that happens when people work together, and collaborative efforts done right can only lead to greater stability and success in the stratosphere of business.

How to Create an Excellent Blog Post for Your Business

If you’ve been putting a lot of effort into your blog posts but you’re still not seeing the results you want, consider switching up your technique a bit. The following tips will help you craft better blog posts that will have more of an impact for your business.

1. Choose keywords and keywords phrases that you want to optimize the blog post for. These keywords should go in the URL, title, meta title, meta description and image alt-text. Note that you may have to change the permalink to include SEO. If you use WordPress, the Yoast SEO Plugin helps you analyze how well you’re using SEO.

2. Double-check your grammar and spelling. If you’re catching a lot of mistakes, you need to proofread better before publishing. Readers don’t trust companies that make mistakes in their content – it makes the brand look unprofessional.

3. Take extra time to write the perfect headline. It needs to be catchy and explanatory while containing a keyword. Make sure that the reader can tell what the benefit is of reading the blog post.

4. Use your first paragraph to hook your reader. Blog posts aren’t like news stories – you don’t need all the relevant information “above the fold.” Pull the reader in by appealing to their emotional side. A relatable anecdote is a good way to get people interested in reading on.

5. Break the text up with sub-headings, short paragraph, images, videos, external links, bullet points and lists.

6. Categorize your blog posts. The categories don’t have to be very specific – that’s what tags are for – but there should be a few basic categories that your blog posts fall into. For example, if you have a law firm, your blog posts may fall into categories like, “local news,” “national law news” and “copyright law.”

7. Now that you’ve categorized your posts, tag them with a few relevant topics. You can add tags for the people, places or products you mentioned. That way, when someone clicks on a tag for “book reviews,” for example, they’ll see all the book reviews you wrote. Your tags should be different from your categories.

8. Add a featured image to the top of each post. If you can make the image something that people will want to share, that’s even better. There are plenty of free tools you can use for creating images, like Buffer’s built-in image creating tool or Canva.

9. Choose the right author for the post if more than one person is contributing to the blog. Some readers will favor certain authors and they’ll be more willing to read a blog post if their favorite writer is behind it.

10. Preview the blog post before publishing it. You should always preview the post live, no matter how many times you went over it when it was a draft. Check that all of the links work, look for spelling errors and make sure that the photos are loading.

– Staff Writer

Robert F Bernstock Is The Immediate Past President Of A Division At USPS

Robert F Bernstock is the immediate past President of the Mailing and Shipping Services division at the United States Postal Service. The division he was in charge of was responsible for producing more than $70 billion in annual revenue. From 2008 until 2010, Robert F Bernstock held this important and rewarding position. He was responsible for the product management and development and commercial sales in this position.

Robert F. Bernstock Is An Entrepreneur And Business Leader With Experience In Numerous Industries

Robert F. Bernstock is an entrepreneur and business leader with experience in numerous industries, and he has worked in both the private and public sectors.  Additionally Robert F. Bernstock has served on the Board of Directors of both publicly traded companies and privately held companies.

Over the past twenty years Robert F. Bernstock has been a Named Executive Officer of four publicly traded companies with sales revenue greater than $1 billion. Robert F. Bernstock was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Vlasic Foods International, and President and Chief Operating Officer of Scotts Miracle-Gro. Previously, Robert F. Bernstock served as Executive Vice President of the Campbell Soup Company, and Senior Vice President of the Dial Corporation.

During 1998, Robert F. Bernstock was appointed the CEO of Vlasic, which was a public company spin-off from Campbell’s. As the leader of Vlasic, Robert F. Bernstock was responsible for the creation of a $1.5 billion enterprise with 9,000 employees, nine free standing businesses, and operations in five countries.

From 2008 to 2010 Robert F. Bernstock joined the public sector and was President of the Mailing and Shipping Services Division of the United States Postal Service.  During this time he was responsible for a $70 billion division and had oversight for all product development, product management, retail and commercial products and sales, and commercial sales.

Robert F. Bernstock has also served on the Boards of five publicly traded companies with sales revenue and/or market capitalization greater than $1 billion. From 2005 to 2014 Robert F. Bernstock was a board member of the Pantry, headquartered in Cary, North Carolina. The Pantry is the third largest independent convenience store chain in the country with approximately 1,500 convenience stores and with sales revenue of about $7 billion.

Additionally, Robert F. Bernstock has been on the Board of Directors of numerous civic and non-profit organizations in the United States and Canada. In the United States, he has been a Board member of: the Campbell Soup Foundation, Rowan University College of Business Administration, the Columbus, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the Grocery Manufacturers of America (Washington, DC), and the United States Council on Competitiveness (Washington, DC). Additionally, Robert F. Bernstock was a member of the Conference Board of Canada, and Canada’s National Institute of Nutrition.

Robert F Bernstock Has Been A Senior Corporate Leader For Many Years

Robert F Bernstock has previously served as the President of the Mailing and Shipping Services division of the United States Postal Service. This division of the USPS was responsible for more than seventy billion dollars in annual sales revenue. In his position as President, Robert F Bernstock provided oversight on the integrated marketing campaign in support of the Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. The tagline for that marketing campaign was, “A Simpler Way to Ship.”

Robert F Bernstock has been a senior corporate leader for many years. He is a very experienced businessman and has a solid record of accomplishment with packaged consumer goods companies. He has also held a number of senior leadership positions with other public and private companies in the telecommunications and information technology sectors. Robert F Bernstock has served as General Manager, Division President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and member of the Board of Directors. He has worked at multi-billion dollar companies like Scotts Miracle-Gro, Vlasic Foods International, Campbell Soup Company, and the Dial Corporation.

Robert Bernstock Has Held Corporate Leadership Positions Over The Past Several Decades

Robert Bernstock has held corporate leadership positions over the past several decades. His career began in 1974, when he started working as an Assistant Product Manager with the General Foods Corporation.  Since then he has been a CEO, COO, Division President and General Manager at several Consumer Packaged Goods Companies, including: Vlasic Foods International, the Dial Corportion,, the Campbell Soup Company, and Scotts Miracle-Gro.

Robert Bernstock has also worked for a number of technology companies, including Atlas Commerce. While serving as CEO of Atlas Commerce he was responsible for its sale to Veticalnet during December, 2001. Robert Bernstock was also President of the Mailing and Shipping Services division of the United States Postal Service from 2008 to 2010. At that time annual sales revenue of this division was approximately $70 billion.

Robert Bernstock Has Held Numerous Corporate Leadership Positions

Robert Bernstock has held numerous corporate leadership positions, having served as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, President, General Manager, and Vice President of various corporations. Bernstock has delivered successful results and has a solid record of accomplishment with both large and small companies—across a wide range of industry segments and business categories. The segments and categories where Robert Bernstock has held leadership positions include: packaged goods food and beverage, packaged goods household and personal care, fast casual restaurant, lawn and garden, computer software, mailing and shipping services, and telecommunications.

The companies where Robert Bernstock has held senior leadership positions include: the Campbell Soup Company, Vlasic Foods International, Atlas Commerce, Scotts Miracle-Gro, SecureSheet Technologies, and the United States Postal Service.
Robert Bernstock’s broad executive experience has provided him with a wealth of knowledge of business strategies and “best business practices” that he has utilized in his leadership positions.  This executive experience has been applied by Bob Bernstock at numerous companies to strengthen decision making processes, focus business and marketing strategies, and provide valuable oversight to financial plans and acquisition and divestiture strategies.

Robert Bernstock received a BA from Hamilton College and an MBA from Harvard University.